Day 3: Missouri River Charette

This is a part of a series of posts for attendees and blog visitors interested in the fall 2012 Missouri River Bed Degradation Charette.

You may have noticed that these posts are a day behind, and basically that is because I’m basing the post on the morning recaps that summarize the previous day’s discussions.

Day 3 of the charette (Wednesday) consisted of participants in small groups discussing the next major planning decision – the development of an array of potential solutions. Groups were asked if there were any potential measures to be screened out initially and if any alternatives immediately rose to the top. Four groups reported the following points, summarized and compiled:

There is some dissent among engineers and non-engineers. Some engineers felt comfortable that they could come up with an array of solutions with a bit more time. Others felt that, while the intent of structural solutions can be understood fairly immediately, we don’t know their level of performance or how they will work together – synergistic or in opposition.

Once the model is operational, different solutions can be tested – BSNP adjustments, reduced dredging and other structural solutions. The model will help with answering level-of-performance questions. There is still a lot of work to do. As of now, no alternatives have risen to the top.

There was much discussion about performance measurement – what does success look like? A recognition that a return to pre-degradation levels may not be feasible, but a return to some level of equilibrium might be.

The main efforts for day 4 are focused on development of the decision management plan and the risk register. If you don’t remember – Friday is the other important session for stakeholders to participate in, or at least listen in on, if possible. Otherwise, I’ll post one last entry before the weekend.

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