Wrap Up: Missouri River Charette

This is a part of a series of posts for attendees and blog visitors interested in the fall 2012 Missouri River Bed Degradation Charette.

Thanks so much to all of the stakeholders and staff that stuck with the charette all of last week. It was, at times, a tedious process, but the outcome was agreement on an abbreviated time and money-saving study. In fact, charette participants committed to a savings of one year and $1.4 million.  Here is an attempt to summarize the outcome.

The team is assuming that the Mobile Bed Model, developed by John Shelley (USACE), will not require any significant modifications upon review, and therefore, it can be used now to model alternative modifications to the Bank Stabilization and Navigation Project (BSNP) structures. USACE engineers are developing three scenarios, for modifying the BSNP to attempt to arrest or slow degradation, of which one will rise to the top. The best scenario will then be combined with other potential measures and modeled with a final array of alternatives identified July, 2013. This is the next major milestone for the study. This will be the time for a public and agency scoping meeting.

What does this mean to stakeholders? The abbreviated timeline means that, in order to provide the necessary match for a faster moving PDT, we will have to agree on an expedited fundraising schedule for the $260,000 required in FY 2013. Here are the targets that we’re looking at:

  • January, 2013 — $60,000
  • April, 2013 — $100,000
  • July, 2013 — $100,000

I do have an idea about how we can achieve this and will be in touch with each of you individually to discuss it. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts.

Several of you have asked about availability of presentations from the charette, as well as some of the working documents (ie. decision log). These will be available on the web soon and I will let you know when they are.

Thanks again!

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