Don’t start your engine — outfit your bike instead

bike-69078_1280_edit_webSometimes there is nothing more enjoyable than a recreational bike ride on a nice day. However, bikes were invented for utility purposes. Today, more and more people are using bicycles to transport cargo and commute to work. With the right setup, you can bike with everything from groceries to computers, and even extra passengers like children and dogs.

Vehicles emit a higher rate of pollution when warming up as compared to the rest of the trip.  By using a bike for short errands — and therefore reducing the number of vehicle starts — you’ll help improve our air quality.

The easiest way to get your bike cargo-ready is with bags, racks and trailers, which can be mounted on most existing bikes. If you’re transporting a heavy load, you may need a small electric motor installed on your bike to help you up hills. These motors can be installed on nearly any bike, and charge up in just a few hours.

Many major bike manufacturers now sell cargo bikes, some with extended frame bikes that can haul up to 200 lbs. However, since most bikes can be converted into cargo bikes, there’s no need to buy new — a used bike will work just as well. Local bike shops are great places to find used bikes, as well as cargo holders, electric assist motors and bike tools.

If you need any inspiration using your bike for cargo, see how much fun people in this community have using their cargo bikes for school commutes, work trips and everything in between.

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