Leave it to the leaves

What do trees do for you? Online advertising art.A recent article published by ZMEScience describes the usefulness of treesĀ  as a solution to urban pollution. Beyond the aesthetic beauty that tree-lined streets provide, researchers are finding that trees remove air pollutants caused by car exhaust, road dust and dust particulates from the air we breathe.

Researchers at Lancaster University in England measured particulates both inside and outside of homes on an urban street with no trees. They then lined the street with silver birch trees, re-measured the particulate levels, and discovered the quantity of polluting particulates was reduced by 50 percent.

Locally, the 2013 iTree report showed that along with reducing particulate matter, trees in the Kansas City region remove about 1 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year and reduce residential energy costs.

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One Response to “Leave it to the leaves”

  1. Ellie 2014/01/16 at 9:04 am #

    We’ve had some trees, over the last few years, cut down along the I-70/35 section of KC. Those trees were cleaning the air from the highway before it reached the residents, employees and visitors. I’ve also read studies where the presents of trees reduces crime by 20%. Seems like a no brainer to replace those trees.

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