Solar Video Series for Local Governments

Since December 2011, MARC has received two Rooftop Solar Challenge awards from the Department of Energy’s (DOE) SunShot Initiative. The goal of the Rooftop Solar Challenge is to make solar power more affordable and widespread by reducing soft costs such as permitting, zoning and regulatory barriers. During the first award cycle, MARC worked with local governments within the Kansas City region. Now, in the second grant cycle, MARC is leading a team of 10 regional planning councils to spread our solar best management practices to more jurisdictions, both in the Kansas City region and across the country.

Our team’s consultant, Meister Consultants Group (MCG), recently put out a series of video lessons as part of the Solar Outreach Partnership, also part of the SunShot Initiative. These 10–15 minute videos explain basic solar concepts and barriers to solar deployment, and provide local governments with strategies and resources to help overcome those barriers. Specific topics covered include local solar ordinances, solar financing options and installing solar on municipal facilities.

This video series is based on a report by the DOE, “Solar Powering Your Community: A Guide for Local Governments,” which is available, along with other resources, at



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