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Football season is here, and with it comes tailgating! If you plan to join the crowd at Arrowhead to watch a game, it’s important to remember how your participation can impact air quality. Here are some tips for celebrating in an air-friendly way.

  • Your grill affects more than your burger. A typical charcoal grill is good for burgers, but not so good for our air. Help out by using a charcoal chimney to light the coals instead of lighter fluid. This produces fewer harmful fumes. You could also consider using a propane or natural gas grill. Each creates less air pollution than charcoal.
  • Be car-conscious. We know that you know it’s best to carpool to the game. Be sure to look up the best route before you go for quick entry and exit. Less time spent in the car means fewer emissions and more time for tailgating. Arrowhead has made some changes this year to help traffic flow smoother, which limits idling. Check Arrowhead’s website for more information.
  • Avoid foam food containers (which is often mistakenly called Styrofoam). The lifecycle of polystyrene — used to make foam food containers — has many impacts on air quality, from manufacturing to disposal. It’s bad enough for the environment that some communities have banned the product altogether, and you usually can’t recycle it after it has been used to hold food. Look for alternative packaging when you buy food or utensils — materials made from recycled paper, recycled plastics or biopolymers (plastics made from plants). By purchasing alternative containers, you use your dollars to send a message to manufacturers that it is important to be air- and eco-friendly.

Go Chiefs!

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